Xiaomi smartphones will be received by everyone on Earth


Xiaomi wants to provide 5 billion people with its smartphones. Currently, more than 7.7 billion people inhabit the Earth, and by 2050, as scientists expect, the number of people will reach a value of 9.7 billion people. Simply put, the world’s population will continue to grow rapidly, and everyone wants to live better than anyone else. Moreover, digital technologies are available to a wider circle of people, ranging from voice communications to the Internet.

To get access to these, you need, for example, just to buy a smartphone, and then use it in places where there is coverage of any mobile operator. The Chinese corporation Xiaomi is committed to ensuring that almost every inhabitant of the planet has its phone.

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The head of the Redmi brand, Lou Weibing, who is also the vice president of Xiaomi, announced that in the foreseeable future, the company expects more than 5 billion people to use its smartphones on an ongoing basis. Based on this, it becomes obvious that the company is committed to ensuring that almost every person on Earth uses its proprietary mobile devices.

This, according to a senior official, is the mission of the entire Chinese corporation. She wants so many people to use her branded products around the world, from time to time updating her to a newer one.

None of the manufacturers has been able to reach such heights so far, but in the future, perhaps, such a thing will happen if Xiaomi continues to create and launch extremely advanced mobile device models on the market, setting such a minimum price tag.

Similarly, Redmi hopes to make billions of people on the planet have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful life that technology brings with them, because the goal of the latter is to serve society, and all of humanity is made up of it. It is noted that the latest engineering solutions and developments will be actively implemented in the company’s branded phones in the future.

Xiaomi smartphones will be received by everyone on Earth

Thus, based on all this, it is possible that in the next ten years every person on Earth will receive a Xiaomi smartphone, and in this particular case, we are talking about modern people who have access to modern digital technologies.

For example, residents of Africa and some other countries in the world almost never use such products, so Redmi products, like any other company, will not be too interesting for them. It will be interesting to see if the desire of the Chinese corporation can be realized because, for more than six years in the market, she managed to achieve tremendous heights.

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