Xiaomi Mi Watch now works with Apple iPhones

Xiaomi Mi Watch now works with Apple iPhones


Xiaomi launched its first Wear OS smartwatch earlier this year and it is actually an Apple Watch clone with a current Wear OS. Now the Xiaomi Mi Watch adds support for iPhones with an update.

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Confirmed by Xiaomi (via GSMArena), this update will be rolled out to the Mi Watch in China from December 3. The update fixes a few issues on the watch, including pairing issues that caused the watch to crash when it was first set up. Reporting issues and location information are also improved with this update.

Xiaomi also offers iPhone support to the Mi Watch on December 3, while the Xiaomi Wear app is released on the same day. iOS support is not new for Wear OS watches, but it is interesting that Xiaomi did not have this at the launch.


Whatever the reason for the delay, iOS support is around the corner in addition to these other solutions. Xiaomi says Mi Watch users must charge their device for at least 50% and use WiFi for the download. It can take a few days for the update to be available to everyone.

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