Xiaomi intends to strengthen the security of its smartphones


Xiaomi намерена усилить безопасность своих смартфонов

Xiaomi has developed a new feature that helps the user to avoid illegal interference in his personal data

Xiaomi is offering a new feature in MIUI 11, which strengthens control over malware ON Android. The system warns the user when the app is spying on him, report “Comments”.

A malicious behavior of applications on your smartphone through a system of permits. Android malware, in particular spyware works behind the scenes, relying on sensitive permissions without the knowledge of user. Recognizing the risks that it represents, Xiaomi is testing a new security option in the latest update MIUI 11.

The system warns the user when the application uses sensitive permissions. This feature was called App Behavior Records, which literally can be translated as “tracking behavior of the application”. Job application exactly corresponds to its name. It monitors the behavior of applications that run in the background or they use sensitive resolution.

“Sensitive action” applications that MIUI 11 now will control, vary from access to your location smartphones, record audio using microphone and covert camera use for shooting images or video of the user without his knowledge. The OS will also warn you about phone records or access to their history.

Applications that browse the contents of the clipboard, text messages, contacts, or that secretly gain access and store data from your smartphone, also identifitseerida and recorded. The list is quite long and the user can control which functions are activated monitoring the behavior of applications.

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