Xbox Live to get live language filters to thwart online toxicity


We all know that playing online on Xbox can be an interesting …

experience. There is a problem of toxicity in online games, where players from all walks of life “speak badly” and use foul language to communicate their distress to other players.

Microsoft seems to be fighting the particularly disgusting communication that online games seem to inspire people since Xbox Live was first launched almost two decades ago.

Not content with text-based obscenity filters that were introduced to prevent children from sending terrible messages, Microsoft is rolling out the next step of its online movie program: the automatic beep for verbal abuse.

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Sounds pretty futuristic, does not it? However, as The Verge points out in his long interview with Microsoft engineers, the preselection of audio obscenity into real words is imminent.

According to Microsoft, four new levels of text filtering will be available that Xbox Live users can choose from when launching the program: Friendly, Medium, Adult and Unfiltered.

As you can guess from its name, Friendly is an option designed to filter out all potentially offensive messages – the one that is best used for child accounts.

Further down the list is Filtration, which means you’re almost wandering the wastelands of the Xbox Live chat without a filter. Good speed.

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Parents of child accounts will be able to manage the desired filtration level via the Microsoft family settings. The filter will apply to the Xbox One, the Xbox game bar and the Xbox applications for Windows 10, iOS and. Android.

This is a great tool to use for families and allows the Xbox to provide adults with a robust suite of controls that make the Xbox the best place for kids to play in an environment secured.

Just be warned that these tools will probably help Microsoft to identify and ban accounts that are always threatening, abusive or generally simply terrible.

While these filters are being tested, be aware that you may want to tweak your language if you are a consistent juror or miscreant … because it seems that Microsoft’s tolerance of Coarse begins to diminish wearing thin.

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