WhatsApp for iPhone’s Latest Update Drastically Impacts Battery Life; Users Complain


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The latest update on WhatsApp for iPhone has resulted in a battery-draining issue on the said Apple devices, and multiple users took the social media to complain. The user reports recommend that the problem has occurred in the limelight following the release of the WhatsApp version 2.19.112 early this week. Together with the iPhone users, several Android users have the same complaint about the battery draining issues on the newest WhatsApp version. The problem seems to affect battery life because of the continued activity of the mobile app in the background.

An article NDTV posted on its website, and it indicated that “As raised by famed WhatsApp beta watcher who owns the famous Twitter account WABetaInfo,” WhatsApp for iPhone’s newest version results in the battery draining issue for a number of users. The problem is increasing the instant messaging app’s background activity. This is according to several users as they respond to the tweet which tipster posted.

A Challenge to WhatsApp’s Latest Development

Existing iPhone users have seen the immediate increase in the background activity of this mobile app on a couple of their iPhone devices, which run on iOS 13.2 and iOS 13.1.3. Remarkably, the time described in the application’s background activity was considerably higher than the on-screen time. The problem has developed on WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.19.112 that also included the updated group privacy settings explicitly designed for global users.

This is certainly quite a good start for WhatsApp’s latest feature, especially the mobile phone users have formed a forum to raise their “complaints about their smartphones severe battery draining issue.” The problem is impacting, even some of those using the OnePlus 7T, which runs on Android 10. Tech news sites have started to reach out to WhatsApp to clarify the issue, which has yet to be updated as the company has given no feedback.

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Drastic Impact on Battery

In connection to this new tech feature, the latest WhatsApp for iPhone version has brought the new “My Contacts Except…” option, replacing the previous “Nobody” option, which a user can find under group privacy settings. This latest addition was, at first, offered to beta testers. And, as part of the issue WhatsApp is currently facing, other than the iPhone users, several Android users have also complained about battery issues after they installed the WhatsApp for Android version 2.19.309 on their mobile phone.

Several users have already reported that WhatsApp is consuming more than 40% of their phone’s battery life after hard use of the app. Unfortunately, for one who wants to prove the complaints right, he may not be able to do so if he is using any of the OnePlus devices to see if WhatsApp is indeed, causing the battery draining use. 

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