WhatsApp bug draining Android, iOS phones’ battery


Last week, WhatsApp released a new update–v 2.19.112 and v2.19.308– to the messenger app versions of iOS and Android, bringing more security features for the group chat. 

But, many Android and iOS mobile users who upgraded to the new WhatsApp update, are saying that the app is draining the battery despite not using it.

Also, the issue of battery depletion is affecting phones with Android Pie or the latest Android 10 OS. There is a high number of complaints from OnePlus, Xiaomi and Pixel phone owners on social media platforms and community forums.

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As of now, there is no official response from WhatsApp. But likely to be resolved with a firmware patch soon.

Bug in WhatsApp update causing battery draining, OnePlus device owners complain (Screen-shot of OnePlus forum)

Temporary solution for WhatsApp battery-draining:

By enabling low battery mode, the device stops all apps from working in the background and saves the battery from draining fast.

For iPhones:

Go to Settings >> Battery >> Low Power Mode

For Android phones:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Battery And then Battery saver And then Set a schedule.

Pick when battery saver will turn on, for example:

No schedule: Only when you turn on the battery saver manually.

Based on percentage: When your battery reaches a certain percentage charge, like 5%.

In a related development, WhatsApp is planning to bring a Snapchat-like self-destructive message feature.

It will be called the ‘Disappearing Messages’. Once marked, the message gets deleted from the chat session after a set-time expires. This will also work with group chat as well.

As of now, ‘Disappearing Messages’ is available on WhatApp (v2.19.275) beta application for Android mobiles only. 

Soon, it is expected to be released for iOS-based WhatsApp beta on the Apple App Store.

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