What does it take to make a living on Twitch?


For many, making a living from streaming on Twitch is a dream. It’s the dream. Twitch’s stars appear to earn fortunes by simply hanging out and playing games, all the while bathed in the adoration of their fans. But going professional is a huge challenge. From establishing yourself as a beginner to sustaining a career at the top of the leaderboards, making a living out of Twitch is a difficult balancing act that takes talent, planning, smarts, time, a bit of luck and a whole lot of work.

For many streamers who do make a living on Twitch, the income from streaming alone isn’t enough.

But it can work. Twitch is funding Kaitlyn Fox through medical school. For her, Twitch is not about making a fortune. “I have no interest in owning a house or designer clothes,” she tells us. In fact, she didn’t set out to be a streamer. “I wanted to be a professional StarCraft player,” she says.

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