War on Cobra releases with new trailer


G.I. Joe is back with War on Cobra, a mobile game for Android and iOS devices that’s just launched alongside a new trailer, letting players pick between the Joes or the Cobras as they face off against others in PvP battles.

You can see more in the launch trailer below, and the game is based around collecting hero, troop, command, and vehicle cards based on the series and toys. You must then equip your squad and defend your base from various assaults using defences from turrets to heavy artillery.

This isn’t Joe’s first venture into the world of games, but this is slightly different from the tie-in to the film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra that we received back in 2009.

Will you try this out?

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G.I. Joe: War on CobraG.I. Joe: War on Cobra

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