Trails Of Cold Steel 3 Sexy Juna Bikini DLC Missing From Western Release


NISA’s release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 for Western gamers on the PS4 has arrived with a bit of controversy. The game originally came out in Japan back in 2017, and it was followed-up with a string of post-launch DLC, including some swimwear options. Well, when the game made its way Westward, one of the DLC packs was left offshore.

Users on the Censored Gaming sub-reddit noticed that one of the DLC outfits for the Western release of Trails of Cold Steel 3 for the PS4, which released on October 22nd, 2019, was missing.

They linked to a video from akutsu24, showcasing Juna’s swimwear, where she’s decked out in a two-piece bikini with alternating rose and strawberry stripes. The rear of the bikini dips kind of low so you can see the top-end of her exposed butt-crack.

Trails of Cold Steel 3 - Yuuna Bikini DLC

The slender-bodied heroine can don the tantalizing two-piece all throughout the game, including during battle, where certain movements render her susceptible to some slight boob jiggling action.

You can see Juna in action with the bikini and rainbow colored hair via the video below.

It’s quite obvious that this is the sort of fan-service that real fans would pay for.

However, Western gamers are apparently bereft of this glorious fan-service.

As pointed out by the fine folks at GameFaqs, the DLC for Juna (spelled Yuuna in the Japanese version) is available on the Japanese PlayStation Store, but it’s not available on the U.S. PlayStation Store.

Juna’s cheerleader outfit is available on both the U.S., and European version of the PlayStation Store, but not her bikini. What’s odd is that Altina’s “Kitty Noir” costume and Musse’s Coquettish Blue” bikini are both available on the U.S., and European version of the PlayStation Store, which is effectively a two piece bikini. So some gamers are dismissing that this has anything to do with Sony’s censorship officers stepping in to police the Western release and its DLC.

Some gamers who purchased the Western version of the game and the DLC have reached out to NIS America for clarification on the missing DLC. Most didn’t receive a response via e-mail, but they did receive a response via a Facebook message, which stated…

“Thanks for reaching out. We are currently aware of the DLC discrepancy between the Japanese/SEA versions of available DLC, and we will be sure to update fans when we have any future news regarding this DLC. We appreciate your patience and support in the meantime.”

Some users have resolved to contact Falcom directly through their support page instead of trying to fish for answers from NISA.

Others are waiting for November 12th to arrive to see if the PlayStation Stores in the West are updated with Juna’s bikini DLC. However, if it hasn’t been added by now it’s unlikely that they’ll add it to the store on a random Tuesday.

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