Tile denounces the changes in the location tracking of Apple’s iOS 13 and asks Congress to “level the playing field”

Executives of PopSockets, Sonos, Basecamp and Tile today attend a hearing in Congress to testify in an ongoing antitrust investigation involving large technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, reports The Washington Post.

Smaller companies aim to provide evidence that tech giants have become too big and have established practices that stifle competition and hurt sales. Tile, in particular, is shooting at Apple, claiming that the iOS 13 Bluetooth device and Apple’s location devices have damaged his business, and that Find My looks like Tile’s own service.

Apple made radical changes to ‌iOS 13‌, implementing the indFind My‌ application along with privacy-oriented changes that make it difficult for third-party application developers to track customers without their knowledge.

According to Tile, ‌Find My‌, which is designed to allow users to locate lost iOS and Mac devices, has a great advantage over competing products because location tracking for ‌Find My‌ is enabled by default, while Tile must obtain User permission to access the location in “depth, hard-to-find smartphone settings” that must also be reauthorized with regular follow-up reminders.

Some lawmakers see Apple’s changes as an effort to gain an edge over rival companies, but Apple says ‌iOS 13‌ updates are designed to improve user privacy and prevent application developers from using customer data without Excuse me. “Apple has not created a business model based on knowing the location of a customer or the location of its device,” said Apple spokesman Fred Sainz. The Washington Post.

Tile’s lawyer, Kirsten Daru, said that Tile is “looking to Congress to level the playing field” because Apple’s changes have caused a “confusing and frustrating experience for [Tile] users.”

Sonos, PopSockets and Basecamp share similar complaints about Google, Facebook and Amazon, and the information provided to lawmakers today has the potential to shape future state and federal investigations.

Tile may soon be even more upset with Apple, as rumors suggest that Apple is working on an “Apple Tags” product that can be connected to small items such as wallets or keys to track using the ‌Find My‌ app on the iPhone.

A mock-up of what Apple labels would look like

Apple Tags will compete directly with Tile’s own trackers and will be better integrated into the iOS operating system. Apple can also offer more advanced tracking features, taking advantage of the ultra-wideband chip in the eniPhone‌ and the ‌Find My‌ option that uses connected Apple products that belong to other people to locate devices even when they are disconnected.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOMeGBy-t7g [/ embed]

For those interested, there is a live broadcast of the Congress audience that can be viewed on YouTube, with the video embedded above.


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