There’s going to be a 24-hour Pokemon Sword and Shield stream


I’ll take some more Gen 1 evolutions, please

This is my kinda ridiculous. Starting October 4 at 6:00am Pacific, The Pokémon Company will host a 24-hour-long live stream for Pokémon Sword and Shield not unlike those cute animal live cams you can find online. The so-called Pokémon Live Camera will run its gradual course on YouTube and Twitch.

The basic idea is that folks can casually hop in at any time to monitor a camera feed of Glimwood Tangle a “strange” forest found in the Galar region for a chance to spot roaming Pokémon. “Viewers may even notice things that surprise them,” The Pokémon Company teased in a press release.

Despite the carefully-worded attempt at tempering expectations, I bet people are going to strap in for the whole 24 hours and come away disappointed. I also feel like the stream chat will get rowdy.

We’ll find out soon enough. Either way, I definitely plan on popping in.

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