The Potentially Strongest Exotics After ‘Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’ Buffs


We don’t know what to make of the coming slate of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep exotics yet, given that no one has used any of them other than a brief spin with the bug machine gun at a live Crucible event. But we do know that there are some serious buffs coming to many exotic weapons for Shadowkeep, both specific to them, or to their weapon class overall.

I thought I would go through and remind you what it might be time to dust off from your vault, as there are a number of current Destiny 2 weapons that are getting some pretty hefty buffs. I can’t guarantee these are all going to be god-tier or anything, but they should definitely be stronger than they are now.

Huckleberry – Always a strong pick for mob clearing with its magazine-refilling catalyst, it’s now one of only a few guns that will be able to do that after Well and Rally Barricade nerfs. Also, it is avoiding a 10% nerf to close range damage for SMGs, that other guns are getting, and also getting the general 22.5% PvE damage buff. And now Bungie has said that nerfs to Rampage won’t affect it either for some reason. Keep an eye on this one.

Sweet Business – Auto Rifles are getting between 25-30% damage buffs depending on enemy rank, but Sweet Business is also getting a few buffs specific to it. You can now put ammo in its magazine by walking over it without firing. Its PvE damage has gone up 15% on top of the Auto Rifle buffs. Its magazine size has gone from 100 to 150. Yikes.

Crimson – The health-refilling hand cannon is getting a large, flat damage boost from 13.76/24.75 to 19/30.5. That is…significant.

Sunshot – There wasn’t much wrong with Sunshot before other than its magazine size, but now that’s been bumped from 8 to 12, so watch out.

Graviton Lance – 30% PvE damage buff. If that applies to the explosion as well, that’s big.

Vigilance Wing – 25% PvE damage buff. Don’t think this will become top tier, but try it out anyway.

SUROS Regime – There are no specific buffs to SUROS, but the Auto Rifle buffs paired with the catalyst that all but guarantees heal on kill, and this thing could be a monster.

Le Monarque – No specific buffs to Le Monarque, but there are pretty significant bow buffs that should make this even stronger than before. And it has always been strong.

DARCI – With a 20% buff to snipers, this could become an even stronger pick for boss damage.

Jade Rabbit – Scout Rifles are getting 18-36% damage buffs based on enemy rank, and with the precision nerf to minor enemies, the inherent perk of Jade Rabbit seems like it could be more valuable than ever. And this thing is a laser with the catalyst.

Bad Juju – Like Huckleberry, one of the only guns that gets around the auto-reload Well/Barricade nerfs with its inherent perk. And with super regeneration nerfed, its other perk, String of Curses, should be more valuable than ever.

I may be forgetting some, but these are the ones I can see benefitting the most from the upcoming changes. But we’ll see what happens with the minor precision nerf, as it’s hard to know how everything is going to shake out given all the big changes being implemented at once. But I would give all of these a try when the new content goes live.

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