The Division 2 is getting santa hats, snowballs and permadeath


(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Division 2 is a game about various armed militias competing for dominance in a post-disaster Washington D.C, but that doesn’t mean Christmas is cancelled. Quite the opposite: in the game’s forthcoming 6.1 title update a brand new ‘Sleigher’ weapon will be introduced, and it’s basically a grenade launcher, except the grenades… are snowballs. There will also be free Santa hats, too.

But if Santa hats and snowballs are a little bit too thematically awkward for you, there’s a new Hardcore mode rolling out which will introduce permadeath to the game. As the name implies, all progress and items are lost upon death, and Hardcore characters won’t have access to the Stash. This mode will get its own servers and Hardcore characters will always play together. If you live to see level 2, you’ll get a special YOLO hat, because it’s true. It’s actually true.

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