Tech Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but if last minute stocking stuffers have you stumped, these affordable tech accessories can help!

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Read along with Google Home Mini & Disney, $50

Google and Disney have teamed up for Little Golden Books that come to life! It’s like storytime with a soundtrack.

Just say Hey Google, Let’s read with Disney and a Google Home speaker can listen to your words to add perfectly timed music and sound effects as you turn the pages.

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Apple Watch Bands, $50

Apple Watches are some of the hottest gadgets going. But what if your recipient already has one? Get them a new band!

There are so many styles and colors to choose from. New colors include Pomegranate, Beryl, Khaki and Pine Green. They’re super easy to swap. Just ask if they have the “bigger” or “smaller” size Apple Watch so you get the appropriate fitting band.

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Tech Armor Screen Protectors, $10

Is someone you know running around with a cracked screen protector? Get them a new one!

Tech Armor makes my favorites. They’re super easy to apply thanks to an included tray. At just $10 for a 3 pack, don’t let their low price deceive you – they perform even better than the pricier screens they sell at the mall.

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101 iPhone Tips & Tricks Book, $19

My latest book is a great way to make a beginner iPhone user feel like a pro! It contains the insider information usually reserved for techies, but written in a way everyone can understand. It will help you unlock all of the best features of the iPhone with no additional software required.

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Dop, $17

For the budding content creator, Dop turns smooth surfaces like a window or mirror into a phone holder. Just place the suction cup on the surface and rotate to secure it. You’re now free to record a video, watch one or follow a recipe. Dop works with it’s own ring you stick to the back of your phone or the PopSocket you already have on there.

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Amazon Echo Glow, $30

Echo Glow is a modern night light. It works with Alexa voice commands or a simple tap to change colors and set fun modes like campfire.

More ideas:

Smartish iPhone Slim Case – Kung Fu Grip, $12

This is my favorite inexpensive case for the iPhone. It’s slim and protective but also super grippy on the sides! And that price, well, you can’t beat it!

Speck Presidio Grip Case, $49

This is my favorite expensive case for just about every phone out there. Unlike the Smartish, which doesn’t make Android cases, Speck makes the Presidio Grip for iPhone, Samsung and even the Pixel. It’s super protective, comes in various colors and it is the grippiest case you can find. I’ve dropped my phones many times in this case with zero worries.

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux, $46

A portable power bank is essential for any backpack or purse. What I like about this model is that it will charge your smartphone in the fastest possible way using the new USB-C PD, or power delivery, standard. Just sure you use the cable with a USB-C connector.

Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer Switch, $40

If your recipient has Philips Hue light bulbs in their home, consider this simple to install smart dimmer switch. It takes 2 minutes to install with no wiring or removing the existing switch. It installs right over their current flip style switch, instantly upgrading the fixture with dim and on off capabilities.

Lavatools Instant Read Thermometer, $27

I never cook without this instant read thermometer. I use it at the grill and whenever I’m heating stuff up in the microwave or oven to ensure it’s reached the proper temperature. I’ve even gotten them as gifts for pretty much everyone that’s come over and commented on how easy it is to use. It’s quick, simple and comes in a bunch of great colors.

Ring Chime, $30

This is the Ring video doorbell accessory that should be included in the box, but it isn’t. Plug it in to an electrical outlet in your home and you can hear the doorbell ring without having your phone nearby. You can even change the ring tone to some fun sounds. A must have if your recipient has a Ring video doorbell at their front door.

C by GE Smart Light Bulb, $30

If you want to dip a toe into the whole smart light bulb thing, C by GE is a super simple way to try it out. Unlike Hue bulbs, these don’t require a special hub, which means they work out of the box with both Google Home and Alexa. Literally take it out of the box, screw it in a socket, open the Google or Alexa app on your phone and tap to set up the light. Couldn’t be easier. Next thing you know, you can change the light into various colors and shades of white.

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