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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Poster

Source: Paramount Pictures / Sonic The Hedgehog

Back in April, Twitter lost its rings when they first laid on eyes on the janky looking version of Sonic The Hedgehog in the titular feature-length film’s first trailer. The film’s director heard the collective cries and announced changes would be made. Today (Nov.12), we got our first look, and the video game world is happy.

Paramount Pictures dropped the second trailer for the Jeff Fowler directed Sonic The Hedgehog movie featuring a much more accurate version of the lovable speedy marsupial. Gone are the weird-looking teeth, gloveless hands, and human-like legs. They have been replaced a Sonic we definitely recognize from the iconic Sega Genesis video games.

The new cut of the trailer not only features Sonic and him in action but also more of Jim Carrey, who plays the blue blur’s nemesis, Dr. Robotnik, and James Marsden, who becomes Sonic’s unlikely buddy. It would seem that the film’s plot also underwent some changes with Marsden’s character not being shown as a cop in the film’s second trailer but just a regular guy who stumbles upon a talking blue hedgehog from a different world.

Well, the improvements were a hit with everyone in agreement that Fowler took the time to listen to them and deliver the Sonic they wanted. You can peep the new Sonic The Hedgehog trailer as well as reactions to it in the gallery below.

Photo: Paramount Pictures / Sonic The Hedgehog









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