Sony Sends Out Free PS4-Exclusive Game To Users


Sony is giving away digital download codes for “Astro Bot Rescue Mission,” a PlayStation VR title exclusive to the PlayStation 4.  ( Jens Kreuter | Unsplash )

Sony is giving away digital download codes for a PlayStation 4-exclusive game.

Users are reporting that they’ve been receiving a free copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, one of the most popular titles on the console, which made it on Tech Times’ list of best PlayStation VR games to start off with.

Free PS4 Game For The PSVR

Over at Reddit, users of the PS4 subreddit are saying that they got a digital download code for Astro Bot Rescue Mission out of the blue.

From the look of things, the company is sending these out at random to users with a PlayStation Network account. Case in point, even those without a PSVR are saying that they’ve received one too. Perhaps it’s to encourage them to buy the virtual reality headset, or maybe it could help those who are still on the fence to finally make a decision.

At any rate, the takeaway here is that PSN account holders are urged to check their emails to see if they got one or not.

Other Free PS4 Games

PS4 gamers expect two free titles every month via PlayStation Plus, and the free copies of Astro Bot Rescue Mission is pretty much icing on the cake.

As noted, not everyone is getting a digital download code for the PSVR game, but those with a PS Plus subscription can probably take solace in the free games for August, which are Wipeout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4, as there’s still a couple of days left to grab them.

Of course, September is just around the corner, so those two will be replaced soon enough. Also, there’s still no word on the new free games the following month has in store, but Sony is expected to announce them soon.

For those who want to play Astro Bot Rescue Mission but didn’t get a free copy of it, it’s available for $19.99 at the PlayStation Store.

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