Sony exclusive for PC would destroy the PlayStation – Reader Feature

Sony exclusive for PC would destroy the PlayStation - Reader Feature

Horizon Zero Dawn: coming soon for PC? (photo: Sony)

A reader is concerned about rumors that Sony plans to launch its exclusive PC games and how that will affect console games.

The beginning of a new generation is always dangerous for game companies. Even if you mastered previously, you should start with a blank board and build everything, except your reputation, from scratch. Or at least that’s how it used to work. In this next generation, both Microsoft and Sony promise full compatibility with previous versions, which despite decades of evidence that nobody really cares, Microsoft has managed to become a topic of conversation and an essential feature.

Now it seems likely that there will be no PlayStation 5 remasters but patches that update the PlayStation 4 games so they look better on the new machine. As with the Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. However, that is a great advantage for Sony, since its subsequent catalog of exclusive games is much better than Microsoft and one of the main reasons why the PlayStation 4 has been so successful. And now they are throwing it all away.

They are only rumors at this time, but several sources have suggested that renowned games like The Last Of Us Part 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on PC. If such large and recent games are going to make the leap, then it is logical that most or all PlayStation exclusives do the same. And I have no idea why.

The obvious answer is for them to earn more money but at what cost? To make PlayStation consoles obsolete? A good PC is already more powerful than a PlayStation, so if the console does not have exclusives, what exactly is the point? A high specification PC is, of course, more expensive, but on the other hand, games are cheaper and the ability to upgrade is cheaper in the long term. Bringing exclusive to the PC will encourage people to get a PC and discourage them from getting a PlayStation.

The idea makes even less sense when you consider Project xCloud and any equivalent of Sony. Microsoft doesn’t care if people buy their consoles or not, since they want them to subscribe to Game Pass and get most of their money through that. Game Pass is already a great success and a good value despite the lack of important exclusives. In the next generation, Microsoft will effectively give up console wars because they have lost three times in a row, and that makes sense to them. But Sony is in the opposite position.

I’m careful with Microsoft’s attitude towards xCloud and Game Pass, but I can see why they had to make those decisions. Sony does not need and, undermining the purpose and appeal of the consoles, not only are they putting themselves at risk (Microsoft has much larger pockets when it comes to making Game Pass very cheap), but it causes an early end of Console games in general.

The transmission, according to Microsoft, will not be the mainstream for many years, given the limits of current broadband technology, so we need hardware for the next generation at least. For a while, Microsoft and Sony consoles have only been PCs in a box, with a slight customization of the chips, but in the next generation I don’t see what benefit there is in obtaining a console. With a PC you will get better performance and exclusive to both companies.

Instead of choosing if you want The Last Of Us Part 2 or Halo Infinite, you can now have both in the same format. That is only worth a small additional initial outlay. It is not surprising that Microsoft no longer considers exclusions so important. There are much easier ways to make Game Pass look attractive than to spend money on making games that may or may not go well. And buying a group of second-class developers last year shows how relatively unimportant they consider it.

My concern is that Sony will begin to see things in the same way and then we will not have high quality exclusive consoles. Do you remember how Netflix and Amazon started trying to stand out with expensive and high quality shows and now 99% is just low quality garbage? I’m afraid that’s the future of games in the next generation and I have no idea why Sony would want it to happen.

By the reader Trebor

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