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After presenting the Amazon and eBay offers of the day, with the latter exquisitely dedicated to the smartphone sector, the time has come to take a look at MediaWorld’s proposal, on whose portal interesting proposals flock within the “Just for today” offers. For those who have no idea of ​​the initiative, these are excellent products on sale for a very limited time: just 24 hours! At the end of the day, in fact, many of the MediaWorld proposals will return to their original price, and only a few of these products could then receive a new price drop.

With these premises, of course, the invitation is to immediately buy the products you like or are most interested in, so as to be sure to buy everything at a real bargain price. And believe us, the prices offered by MediaWorld are worth much more than a quick check, as demonstrated by the Cleaning Week started just this week and by the offers of the XDays still available (both promotions will end on January 26th).

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Once the promotions on household appliances dedicated to cleaning and home care have been filed, today is the turn to take a look at the promotions relating to smartphones and smart TVs which, in the case of MediaWorld, not only offer products at bargain prices, but also the possibility to finance interest-free payments! The proposals are numerous, from the exceptional Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to iPhone 11, passing through a large selection of LED and OLED smart TVs with 4K resolution!

The products on offer on the online pages of Mediaworld are really numerous and therefore, before consulting our selection of items at discounted prices, please take the main offers page into consideration, so as not to miss any of the excellent promotions in progress.

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Finally, we suggest you sign up immediately to our Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where you can monitor in real time all the best promotions of the day, thus keeping all the offers and promotions of this month within notification. There are four Telegram channels, and are respectively dedicated to technology, hardware, smartphone and products Chinese, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. Happy shopping!

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