Sean Hannity Laughs Over Photoshopped Trump, Obama Pic


Fox News’ Sean Hannity was very entertained by President Donald Trump’s latest tweet, and he made sure everybody knew about it while closing out his Thursday night show.

A short time ago as of this writing, the president tweeted this photoshopped picture of himself and former President Barack Obama.

While this seems to have come out of nowhere, it appears the president is re-upping his frequent claim that his predecessor illegally spied on him, even though Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz poked several holes in that claim just a month ago.

Hannity noticed Trump’s tweet prior to signing off from his show. He proceeded to break out his iPhone, pull up the tweet and gush…A lot.

“The president just tweeted this. This is Donald Trump at Trump Tower and there is Barack Obama with binoculars spying in on Trump. The president just tweeted that out based on the news. Yeah, they spied on him. The media got it wrong. They mocked him, just like they laughed at the idea he could be president.”

Hannity also encouraged Laura Ingraham to look at the tweet as she took over for the next hour.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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