Samsung Note 10, Note 10 Plus Are Now Available: Should You Buy It?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus are finally out in the market. It retails for $949 and $1,100, respectively.  ( Samsung )

Samsung has just dropped its newest premium smartphones Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus with both currently available online and in stores in the United States.

Both newcomers are part of the brand’s flagship Note line but received mixed reviews in the past few weeks. Now that it’s out in the market and consumers are enticed with its stunning build and promise of top-of-the-line performance, the question remains: is the new Note worth buying?

Note 10: Smaller, More Compact

While the Note 10 is still on the hefty side of smartphones, Samsung decided to reduce its size to 6.3 inches from the last generation’s 6.4-inch screen. It’s a rare step back for the company, but it is a smart move to make the smartphone less intimidating and more appealing to first-time Note users who are making the jump from smaller devices.

Lighter and slimmer than its predecessor, the Note 10 also has an all-display screen that’s much more aesthetically pleasing. The Note 10’s shrinkage allowed Samsung to drop its price to $949 in the United States, which is a small yet significant drop from last year’s $1,000.

Note 10 Plus: A ‘Perfect’ Powerhouse

Dubbed by some tech experts as the “near-perfect” smartphone, the Note 10 Plus certainly makes the most of its amazingly super-sized 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen. Fans will find that using the ultra-powerful Note 10 Plus for any activity will yield smooth, speedy performance with absolutely no lags or issues.

Vibrant, stunningly fast, and fitted with a triple-lens shooter, the smartphone is an instant industry leader in both design and performance. Note 10 Plus is widely accepted as the best big phone in the market with very little competition in that front. Even its minor faults such as the lack of a headphone jack and a less than perfect camera-aren’t deal-breakers for most users.

The Note 10 Plus retails at a whopping $1,100.

Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Ultimately, it depends on the phone a consumer currently has. While the Note 10 and most especially the Note 10 Plus are both excellent smartphones that are as close to perfect as possible, it’s not quite revolutionary enough to be a must-buy as an upgrade from last year’s model.

As Tech Crunch noted, the pace of innovation in smartphones has slowed, especially in the most premium flagship lines. Furthermore, because the quality of top-of-the-line models are so good, people are holding on to them for longer and finding less need to replace them.

Still, those who could afford the steep price tag of the Samsung newcomers won’t go wrong with them either.

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