Rugby 20 tactical gameplay trailer shows off some strategy


“Defending, timing and accuracy are the key to success.”

A new Rubgy 20 tactical gameplay trailer shows off just that: tactical gameplay.

“One of the major new features in Rugby 20 is the ability for you to change tactics before and during matches. By managing the game plan, and positioning and behaviour of players, you can experience the unique character of modern rugby and implement your own style of play,” BigBen and Eko Software said in a press release.

“For attacking play, there are different moves available, such as long passes to teammates and kicking options. Grubber kicks, pass feints and side-steps are just some of the options available to help you gain the upper hand over your opponent.

“When defending, timing and accuracy are the key to success: tackles must be triggered at the right moment to boost your chances of success while avoiding dangerous play that could lead to a penalty.”

Rugby 20 heads to Windows PC and Xbox One from 23 January 2020, and PS4 from 28 January 2020.

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