Report About Smartphones In Our Daily Lives


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Published: 2019/12/02

The modern world is unimaginable without such an invention as the smartphone. Nowadays we can do so much more than just talk through that little box in our hand. The phones of our times allow as to make calls, listen to music, play games, answer email and even surf the internet. This is a luxury, which just recently become available. However, there are two sides of the coin. Smartphones have had both a positive and a negative effect on our lives. Many would argue that the negative effect of this new piece of technology is far greater than the positive one.
It is rather understandable that smartphones make life easier. Thanks to this piece of device communication has been transmitted to a completely different speed. Business is not done a lot faster. The communication between providers and clients has been facilitated and improved. This piece of technology helps avoid many misunderstandings and the problems resulting from them. But is it really as good as it seems?
Smartphones are used not only for work. Many people use it for entertainment and all kinds of social networks. This kind of activity limits live communication. People find themselves trapped in the internet web and wherever they go, they turn to their facebook, twitter or myspace. When spending time with friends, instead of participating in a normal conversation, they are zoned into their phone, ignoring anything that may be going on around them. Another popular acitivity is listening to music form the phone everyone one goes. Studies have proven that this is very damaging for the hearing. Apart from the social isolation that these devices cause us, they are also bad for our health.
There are several negative consequences which can result from constant and over-use of smartphones. First and foremost, these handy little devices are very much addictive. We get used to them momentarily and soon realize that we cannot even get around our neighborhood without the map from our iPhone. The constant buzzing on the phone does not only prevent us from getting a good night sleep, but also disturbs our nervous system. Not to mention the possible brain damage that can result from the phone radiation. It may be surprising but constant use of smartphones, because it is them that we use all the time, not just mobile phones, may result in stiffness of muscle as well as a decrease in hearing and eyesight. The proof is right in front of us.
Every piece of new technology that hits the stores brings both bad and good. However, it seems that smartphones have more bad in them than good. It is important to know when to turn to it and when to put it aside. Many have already realized the trap of the smartphones and have limited their use to work only. However, many still wait to learn this lesson. Let’s hope that our communication will not be made virtual in the future. The solution is to limit our use of these devises, to turn them off when we go to sleep or spend time with the family. They are our slaves, not the other way around. This is the fact that everyone needs to remember.

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