Putting Samsung’s Android 10 upgrade into perspective


Ladies, gentlemen, aardvarks, and everything in between: Hell has frozen over. Or so it would seem this wacky winter.

Much of the Android-watchin’ community’s in a tizzy this week over word that Samsung — better known ’round these parts as the company that’s never truly cared about timely Android upgrades — has actually managed to get the latest Android release onto some of its U.S. flagships within the same year of the software’s launch.

It be true, all right: Multiple reports indicate Android 10 is indeed in the midst of rolling out to Galaxy S10 owners on Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint as we speak. And compared to Samsung’s typical slow-as-molasses software delivery habit, well, that’s quite the feat.

Heck, I’ve seen some folks saying this is the sign we’ve been waiting for — the sign that, hallelujah, Android upgrades are fixed! The days of endless waiting for rollouts are over! The core advantage of Google’s Pixel phones is now nullified!

And to all of that, I say: Yeah — keep it in your pants. And let’s keep it in perspective.

Now, credit where credit’s due: Samsung absolutely does deserve some praise for doing a better job at getting its upgrade game underway this go-round. But, well, two things: First, the story is far from over. And second, the cause for celebration is very much all relative.

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