Phil Spencer Says He’s In Japan Talking To Studios And Publishers For 2020 And Beyond


Could another acquisition be coming soon?


Over the last few years, Microsoft has been on something of a buying spree with studios to help bolster their Xbox Game Studios as they begin focusing on creating more and more content for their Game Pass service. Of all the studios they’ve bought, they’ve yet to have an Asian studio under their belt. There’s been several times expressed that Microsoft would like to have an Asian studio, and the Head of Xbox just happens to be having a grand old time in Japan now.

In a tweet from Phil Spencer’s official Twitter account, he says it’s great to be back in Japan. He says they are talking and listening to studios and publishers about 2020 and beyond. He seems to having a pretty good time by the sound of it, but one has to wonder if he’s hinting that something else is coming.

We know that Xbox will be at E3 despite Sony skipping yet again. Could it be that they’re on the verge of announcing a new studio acquisition from the land of the rising sun in time for the event? It definitely seems to be on Spencer’s bucket list, so only time will tell.

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