On these smartphones you can install it immediately


The wait is over: Google released Android 10 in the final version to download. We summarize the news and on which smartphones you can install the new operating system immediately.

  Android 10 is here: you can install it instantly on these smartphones
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Android 10 is here: Google launches a new operating system

After several months of development, Google has just launched Android 10 in the final version. From now on, owners of the following Google smartphones can install the update:

All Google smartphones that have been released to date will be updated. This is not obvious, but Google officially announces that Pixel smartphones should receive only two years of great Android updates. The first phones with pixels would have to be out. Fortunately, that is not the case, so Google makes all pixel shoppers happy and serves as a good role model.

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Android 10: this is new

Google has launched a new Android page that lists all the important changes. As a small advantage, you can change the website to a “dark mode”. Exactly the same function brings Android 10, that is, also finally. The following new features are integrated:

  • Intelligent response: Android 10 recognizes in messages what it is and proposes not only appropriate responses, but also applications, with which content can be opened, for example, Google Maps [19659011] Dark theme: As mentioned earlier, Android 10 comes with a “Dark mode”. It fits perfectly with OLED screens on phones with pixels.
  • Management navigation: Redesigned gesture navigation facilitates the use of Android 10 on large smartphones.
  • Live title: Android 10 will be released this fall Subtitle videos in real time.
  • Location data: Android 10 allows you to configure applications to use location data only when you are in the application. The operating system also notifies you if it is accessed improperly.
  • Privacy policy: Google has greatly improved privacy. There are many new features and options available in Android 10 to strengthen the privacy of its users.
  • Updates: Google can distribute updates through the Google Play Store on Android 10.
  • Notifications: On Android 10 you can now determine exactly which notifications are displayed and which not. If you want absolute silence, notifications are not shown on time, even as a pop-up window or icon.
  • Family link: Parents can use the “Family link” function to access “Digital Wellness” data. Children access and see how often the phone is used and what applications are used. Parents can set limits.
  • Focus mode: If you want to focus on a task, you can hide certain notifications until you exit focus mode.

These were some of the new features of Android 10 On the new Google website you can find all the other details. Write us in the comments if you have already received the update.

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