Nissan Celebrates National Video Game Day with Concept Gaming Chairs


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Nissan and its esports partners
Nissan and its gaming partners
Photo: Nissan

Not simply content to have its vehicles featured in racing games like Forza, Nissan partnered with two of the world’s most popular esports teams in March: FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming. With both teams’ jerseys sporting the automaker’s badge, Nissan was hoping to tap into the video game industry’s massive and rapidly growing audience. To celebrate National Video Game Day (September 12, 2019), they’ve taken things one step further.

Nissan has released concept sketches of three “ultimate esports gaming chairs” inspired by popular vehicles from the 2019 lineup.

Nissan GT-R Nismo:

GT-rR Nismo Chair Sketch
Photo: Nissan

Designed in the likeness of Nissan’s iconic supercar, the
GT-R Nismo-inspired chair resembles the seat of a racecar far more than an
office-standard swivel chair. The base is made of brushed aluminum, the outer
shell is carbon-fiber, and the upholstery is outfitted with Nismo black leather
and red synthetic suede. For an added layer of thrill, the headrest sports a
built-in audio system.

Sporty and reliable: Nissan offers it all

 Nissan Armada:

Photo: Nissan

Channeling the comfort and style of Nissan’s popular
full-size SUV, this concept looks astoundingly close to the actual seats in the
Armada. The platinum reserve two-tone leather captain’s chair, lumbar support,
and climate-controlled seat suggest a gaming throne so luxurious it might
impact a player’s competitive edge.

Maximum comfort: Check out the Armada

Nissan LEAF:

Nissan LEAF-inspired gaming chair
Photo: Nissan

Befitting the world’s best-selling all-electric vehicle, this chair looks like it came from the future to offer a sustainable and stylish alternative to your seating habits. Fashioned out of light gray, eco-friendly materials with sleek blue contrasting tones, the LEAF-inspired seat looks like it’d be at home in the cockpit of a spaceship. It also comes with a USB charging port and an integrated leg rest; suggesting that Nissan is just as interested in your sustainability as it is the planet’s.

The only thing that’s disappointing about these designs is that, at least for the time being, they’re just concepts. Maybe for next year’s Video Game Day they’ll surprise us all by giving us an opportunity to sit in them for real.

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