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A new trailer for the Square Enix-published Marvel’s Avengers game gives viewers a closer look at the game’s story, customization systems and mission types – including both single-player and multiplayer options. Fans have known the game would include multiplayer elements since it was officially revealed at E3 2019, but this trailer gives a bit more insight into how this will work.

After the game’s long period of rumors and speculation, the fans had mixed reactions to the Marvel’s Avengers reveal. Many felt the character models looked like knock-off versions of their MCU counterparts, and the reveal’s lack of gameplay led to some concerns about the game’s quality. Subsequent reveals showed Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s Avengers’ developer, was making progress on the title, however. Significant Marvel’s Avengers gameplay footage finally arrived at Gamescom 2019, giving viewers an uncut look at combat and mid-game transitions from Avenger to Avenger.

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The new trailer, revealed today by PlayStation, showed details about the things that come in between gameplay sections like the one seen at Gamescom. In the “war table” mission select screen, players will be able to choose either solo Hero Missions or Warzone Missions, which can be played alone or with up to three other players. Hero Missions serve as the main campaign, focusing on specific heroes, whereas Warzone Missions appear to be optional multiplayer missions playable with any Avenger.

In addition to mission structure, Square Enix showed a bit of the game’s customization systems as well. Players will be able to equip gear upgrades (branded with companies like Stark Industries and Pym Technologies) to increase their power, and perks can be unlocked within these gear pieces to further customize playstyles. Marvel’s Avengers will also feature a skill tree system, where players can use XP to spec into categories like – in Iron Man’s case – melee, repulsor, and laser abilities. The rest of the trailer focused on elements Square Enix previously revealed, such as the game’s central villains, A.I.M., and Kamala Khan (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel), who will play a major role in the game’s story.

According to Crystal Dynamics, it’s possible that completing everything in Marvel’s Avengers won’t take very long. Given the game’s emphasis on optional multiplayer missions and positioning as a consistently updated, “live-service” title, that would be an unexpected development. Perhaps there will be a substantial reason to replay both mission types, or perhaps the free post-launch content will update often enough to simply keep missions going indefinitely. Either way, the new systems Square Enix has showcased in the new Marvel’s Avengers trailer make it look like it has the potential to be a Destiny-like title that will keep people coming back for more. However, it may need a solid endgame – pardon the pun – to give players a reason to keep customizing.

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