Man Of Medan is a must-buy for Xbox One gamers who missed out on Until Dawn


The Dark Pictures Anthology starts with Man Of Medan on August 30, and it’s an absolutely must-buy for Xbox One loyalists who missed out on Until Dawn.

There’s a lot of good games coming out this August 2019, and two of them are horror titles that promise to be cinematic through both nature and name: The Blair Witch and The Dark Pictures Anthology Man Of Medan. While the former could possibly have more eyes on it thanks to its seemingly contrived affiliation with The Blair Witch Project, it’s the latter that Xbox One gamers must buy thanks to how they missed out on one of the PS4’s best exclusives, Until Dawn.

Supermassive Games were responsible for developing the ridiculously fun horror romp Until Dawn, but this time PC and Xbox One gamers can join in on the excitement thanks to Man Of Medan not being in an exclusive relationship with Sony.

And, in case there were any doubts, it’s an absolute must-buy for non-Sony gamers who had to admire Until Dawn from afar while pretending it was an overrated piece of junk beneath David Cage.

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Man Of Medan 2

Why Xbox One and PC gamers must buy Man Of Medan

Although fans of Ghost Ship will see a lot of similarities between it and Supermassive Games’ newest title, the easiest and best way to pitch Man Of Medan is that it’s a B-horror movie where you get to be the screenwriter.

Through controlling a bunch of stereotypical horror characters that are just begging to be killed in brilliantly brutal fashion, you ultimately pen the game’s narrative by deciding who lives and who dies.

Not only that, but you also get to decide how and when they get axed off, and even the most minor choices will make your movie different to everyone else’s.

Until Dawn was endlessly replayable thanks to its amount of choices, collectibles, and secrets, and Man Of Medan will be the same.

There’ll be a plethora of alternate scenes, deaths, dialogue interactions, character relationships, and endings to discover, and this’ll make Supermassive Games’ newest title a constantly evolving experience that must be replayed more than just once.

And, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, the developers have also added multiplayer to the equation. This comes in the form of two unique modes that will make it near impossible to leave Man Of Medan behind.

One of these modes is called Shared Story. This is where you and an online mate will make individual choices that have severe consequences for the both of you.

The other multiplayer mode is Movie Night. Similar to watching a horror movie in your living room with your friends and romantic partner, this mode sees you all wander about the eerie ghost ship together.

With up to five people (including yourself) in couch co-op, each person picks a character to play as and the PS4 controller gets passed about as the game’s segments switch between the tourists.

The implementation of multiplayer makes Man Of Medan so much more ambitious and unpredictable than Until Dawn. In Shared Story mode, it’s possible that players will never see each other again after becoming ‘split up’, and this means that any seemingly innocuous decision from your pal could inadvertently result in your death.

Multiplayer, the staggering amount of choices, and the plethora of alternate scenes/deaths makes Man Of Medan a must-buy video game unlike anything else. The closest comparison is David Cage’s Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, but Supermassive Games is taking things so much further by adding more gameplay and social elements.

Xbox One and PC gamers must experience what all the hoopla for Until Dawn was about by buying Man Of Medan, and PS4 owners already know that they must purchase it on day one. It’s an endlessly replayable spectacle that absolutely no one will regret, especially with it only being $29.99.

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