‘Little Town Hero’ Coming to PlayStation 4

  • Will be available digitally and physically.
  • Coming out in Japan on April 23rd.
  • No word yet on an international release.


Little Town Hero has been in the news more this week than it has been since its existence. It wasn’t a perfect title, yet some people didn’t even know that it had released prior to yesterday’s coverage. Aside from the physical version coming, we now know that Little Town Hero is coming to PlayStation 4. Thanks to a translation from Gematsu, we know that Rainy Frog will handle the publishing of the RPG developed by famed Pokémon developer Game Freak.

This PlayStation 4 version is expected to release on the 23rd of April in Japan. The digital version will still be published by Game Freak, but it’s unknown at this time if Little Town Hero on PlayStation 4 will release outside of Japan. It could be that it is coming, and it wasn’t announced back when the physical version was, because another is handling the publishing for this version. It could also be that they’re holding off on the announcement to not cripple the sales of the recently announced physical version on Nintendo Switch. If you’re unfamiliar with Little Town Hero’s story, the plot is as follows:

The story of Little Town Hero takes place on an isolated village located at the edge of the world. There is only one entry and exit point, a large gate that leads outside that is heavily guarded by the castle. Villagers are not allowed to leave. The villagers are accustomed to this, and rarely ever spend any time paying any attention to the gate. They’ve become content with every day life. The protagonist of this title, however, is different from everyone else. You see, he’s very curious on what lies beyond the gate. There is a desire, a need, to explore and learn of the world they’ve been forbidden to see. The village finds itself in shock and terror one day, as a monster appears.

One of the best aspects of Little Town Hero, is that it utilizes a challenging battle system that the developers claim relies more on the player coming up with new ideas and strategies. Unlike many of the other RPGs on the market, Little Town Hero has no grind, and it focuses more on one on one boss battles. The title’s soundtrack may be its strongest aspect, as its composed by famed UNDERTALE creator Tony Fox.

If you passed on Little Town Hero before, does a PlayStation 4 version interest you? For those who did play the title, how did you feel about it? To stay up to date on Little Town Hero, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.

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