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The communication app giant “LINE” and the securities giant “Nomura Holdings” collaborate to buy and sell stocks using a smartphone app.

LINE and Nomura Launched services for stock trading on smartphones August 20th 18:10

LINE, a major communications app, and Nomura Holdings, the largest securities company, have started a service that allows you to buy and sell stocks using smartphone apps. We want to increase the number of users centering on the younger generation by appealing ease.

LINE and Nomura Holdings jointly established a company that started trading services using a communication app.

This service deals with stocks of 100 domestic companies selected by the company due to its high profile and scale, and usually trades in units of 100 shares or more. It is said that it is easy to use even from the start.

There are 81 million LINE users in the country, and it is easy to trade with the communication apps that are usually used for communication, so we want to increase the number of users mainly in the younger generation.

At the press conference, Nomura Holdings Executive Officer Satoshi Ikeda said, “I feel that we will be able to accelerate the flow from savings to asset formation, which has evolved financial securities services that are constantly evolving,” he said.

Regarding the buying and selling of stocks using smartphones, in addition to entering from different industries such as telecommunications companies and retailers, specialized venture companies are also expanding their users, and the competition of each company seems to become more intense with the entry of major companies.

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