iPhone market shares dip 17% in Europe as Samsung surges


Canalys data for Q2 has shown that the market share of iPhones has dropped 17 percent. Despite this, Apple still holds 3rd place behind Huawei and Samsung.

The report shows that shipments of the iPhone fell about 7.7 million during Q2 2018 to about 6.4 million for Q2 2019. Meanwhile, Samsung went ahead and enjoyed a shipment increase from 15.3 million to about 18.3 million for Q2 2018 to Q2 2019, with a large part of the sales coming from A-series midrange smartphones.

Huawei is on the downfall due to US import restriction problems, but rival Xiaomi has enjoyed a significant increase of its share to 48 percent, or equivalent to about 4.3 million shipments.

Apple’s numbers may be down, but the firm is looking at profitability rather than the number of sales. Globally, iPhone shipments are down but Apple has held on to the #3 spot in terms of market domination.

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