How to Play Sega Genesis Games on Android Devices


Sega Genesis is a 16-bit video gaming console that was launched in 1988 by SEGA. This console is also known as Mega Drive.

We have prepared for you the guide explaining how to play your favorite classic Sega Genesis games on modern Android smartphones or tablets by using Gensoid emulator.

This Android app will allow you to play all sega genesis games. Your dream to play old-school games came true thanks to available sega genesis roms and powerful emulators.

What are the steps to play Sega Games on Your Android Device?

First of all, you have to download a powerful and reliable emulator to your Android device. We are going to use Gensoid emulator as an example in this tutorial because we are fully satisfied with its performance.

If you know how to use Google, you will face no problems to find and download Gensoid emulator as well as ROMs. You can check the Killerroms website which has an excellent collection of all you need in terms of retro classic games.

Once you have downloaded the emulator and the desired SEGA ROMs you should follow the steps below:

  • Start with installing the gensoid.apk file you have downloaded just before and put the Sega ROMS in a directory, for example, “sdcard/Sega”. We recommend you to create a folder in your SD card and give it the name “Sega” for easier search.
  • Now you have to place all the downloaded Sega ROMs in this newly created folder.
  • Next, you have to open the Gensoid emulator and press on the blue SD card icon (see the top left side).
  • You must move to the “Sega” folder. Open the desired game.
  • The game of your choice will start running. Also, you can see the buttons and a 4-axis controller.
  • When needed, you can make the appropriate settings for the gensoid emulator to play sega genesis games more efficiently.

How To Set Your Gensoid Android Emulator?

1. Screen Orientation Settings

  • You have to open the file with your Gensoid emulator.
  • You must press on the “Menu” and then “Settings.”
  • Choose the option “Other settings” and scroll down to the section called “Orientation” and press on “Landscape.” You have to check whether “Fullscreen mode” is unchecked and simply check it.

2. Audio And Video Settings

  • You have to come back to the main menu and press “Audio & Video settings”.
  • You must press on “Scaling mode” and choose the option “Stretched.”
  • Now select the “Aspect ratio” and set it as “16:9.”
  • Finally, you have to scroll down, choose “Max frame skips” and set to “0.”
  • To activate a new setting press “OK.”

3. Input Settings

  • Once again you have to return to the previous menu and press on the “Input settings”.
  • You must press on the “Virtual keypad settings” and then uncheck the “Vibrate on keypress” option.
  • Now you have to select “Controls size”. The size will depend on the screen of your Android tablet/smartphone. For example, if you have a Galaxy Note 2/3 then you should select “Large” then press on “OK.” If your Android device has 3-inch touchscreens, we recommend you to select “Medium.”
  • You must press on “Hide controls” and uncheck “Disable A/B turbo”. By doing this, you will see four buttons on your screen where two buttons are normal and two other ones are turbo buttons.
  • Press on “D-pad + buttons layout” and select “Bottom+bottom.”
  • By clicking the option “Layout margin”, you have to choose 1 by sliding to the left side then click “OK.”
  • Now you are ready to start playing Sega Genesis games on your Android device.

4. Loading And Saving Your Game

While playing your Sega game, it is possible to make a pause, save the game, and load it from where you left it any time later. If you want to save your game in the Gensoid emulator, you have to tap the “Menu” button and select the “Save” option.

You can select any slot from slot 1-9, or even the additional slot “Quick” save. After tapping the slop, your game will be saved.

If you want to load the game which you have saved before, you must tap the “Menu” button and select ‘Load’ in order to choose the needed state from the list. Note that the game will get loaded from the exact place where you left it.

5. Enable Cheats

The Gensoid emulator allows you to apply any cheat codes for Sega Genesis. Cheat codes are mainly used for gaining unlimited money, coins, and additional lives in any Sega game. You can apply a cheat code in the Gensoid by following the steps:

  • You must tap the “Menu” button and select “Cheats.”
  • Tap the “Menu” once again and select “New cheat.”
  • You have to enter the name/the code and tap ‘OK’.

Fun and SEGA games

Now you are well informed about how to play classic Sega Genesis games on your Android device. Do not forget to create a big library of your favorite Sega games.


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