How to Get the Best Android 10 Features on Older Phones


Want the new Android 10 but don’t want to wait for your phone to update? These apps and setting tweaks can replicate some of Android’s best new features.

Google has officially released the latest version of its mobile operating system, known as Android 10. Unfortunately, outside a scarce few handsets, it could be months or years (if ever) before your phone gets the update. If you’re one of the unlucky masses, there are ways to get features similar to the ones in Android 10.

The reason for the delay is that manufacturers have to work on updates for each individual model of phone before they can roll it out to end users. Google tries to get around this issue by adding features to its apps or pushing updates through Google Play Services, instead of the operating system. However, that still leaves a few features out of reach for a long time.

Android 10 comes with a system-wide dark mode, gesture navigation, location permission, Focus Mode to reduce distractions, and much more. Many of these features can be replicated with third-party apps, or even by tweaking your settings. Here is what the latest release added to Android, and how to get these features (or something close to it) on any phone.

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