How to download and send Valentine’s WhatsApp stickers on Android and iPhone

<pre><pre>How to download and send Valentine's WhatsApp stickers on Android and iPhone
WhatsApp Stickers has become one of the most used features to wish or greet someone on special occasions. Therefore, if you plan to send Valentines Day messages to wish your friends or loved ones who use WhatsApp Stickers and wonder how to download them to your smartphone, follow our step-by-step guide:


  • Internet connection
  • The latest version of WhatsApp

Steps to download WhatsApp Valentine’s Sticker on Android smartphones



First, open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and touch the search bar at the top


Here, look for & # 39; Valentine’s WhatsApp stickers & # 39; and download any package of Labels you want


Now, open the Tag app and look for the option & # 39; Add to WhatsApp & # 39; and touch it


Once this is done, go to WhatsApp and open any chat window


Touch the sticker icon at the bottom of the screen and look for the downloaded sticker pack


Touch the label to send.

Steps to download the Valentine’s WhatsApp tag on iPhone
Well, Apple does not allow users to download any third-party WhatsApp sticker package from the App Store. In that case, iPhone users will have to trust their Android friends or use any secondary Android phone.

All they need to do is ask anyone who has an Android smartphone to follow the steps above and download the sticker package on their smartphone. Then, resend a sticker through WhatsApp.

After receiving the stickers, touch them and touch Add to favorites.

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