How to adjust Safari privacy and security settings on the iPhone

How to adjust Safari privacy and security settings on the iPhone


Do you want to check in with your Safari privacy and security settings? Follow below for a look at what you can adjust on iPhone and iPad and an explanation of each option.

Apple offers a large number of security and privacy settings on iOS and iPadOS, and specifically in Safari settings, there are four options under Privacy and security.

These include preventing cross-site tracking, blocking all cookies, fraudulent website warning and checking for Apple Pay. You probably want to adjust it depending on your needs or preferences on iPhone and iPad.

How to adjust Safari privacy and security settings on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings, swipe down, and tap Safari
  2. Swipe down again and look under Privacy and security
  3. Adjust your settings, read more below for help in making a decision


This is how it looks:

Note: On Mac, you can go to Safari> Preferences> Privacy to see the same settings.

You may want to allow cookies temporarily or permanently, because many websites need them.

Another consideration is cross-site tracking. This allows websites to keep track of what you have looked at when you disable the prevention function. However, this means that you will see more relevant ads than if you prevent cross-site tracking.

Personally, I always keep Check for Apple Pay and fraudulent website warning enabled because I only see an advantage to using them.

You can tap About Safari & Privacy … to get a description of each or read more below.

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