How Smartphones Have Revolutionized Online Gambling?


A few years ago, mobile gambling was barely a flip on the radar. But it has boosted in recent years. The trend of Smartphone online gaming experience is continual since 2015 because mobile deposits to Casino room services have increased from $330,000 to $1.2 million since January of the same year.

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Well, the casino market is expected to boost even more rapidly in big countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and more. As compared to these countries, mobile gaming is limited to social gaming in small countries. According to the reports of Juniper Research, the market is expected to be worth $50 billion in the next five years from the present.

Casinos are designed quite smartly that big-screen games are now formulated to small screens. Players can play their casinos anytime anywhere on Smartphone and tablet devices. Since Google has entered the market with the Android in 2008, many online casino software providers have been growing their content for use with these handheld devices and US players can now find various safe mobile casino games to play at. The interested US players with the help of online casino sites can accept many games of their choice on smart screens.

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Growth of Casino Gaming in Smartphone

Online Gambling

Who doesn’t own a smartphone these days? With the advancement in technology and economy maintenance, mostly everyone is a smart user. And with this, the adoption of gaming becomes easy for people. But, who knows that it can lead to online gambling as more resulting and interactive entertainment that can be played through various apps for free.

By seeking it, providers are capitalizing on this enhancing interest by extending their services to provide real-money casino games to people through their accurate free social gaming apps.

No doubt, Smartphone is changing the online gambling industry quicker than gaming providers ever estimated, ensuing in need to grow new technology to provide a flawless user experience for all players. It is possible to reach a growing number of Smartphone users as an investment is paying off.

One cannot neglect that mobile is a primary channel for expansion to new users managing considerable growth of the online gambling world as a whole. It is essential to ensure that gaming providers to give quality service to their patrons by taking several measures.

Below mentioned are the ways through which industry is evolving with mobile casino media:

1. Change in Behavior

A smartphone is playing a pivotal role in changing consumer behavior. Since consumers can engage with their mobile devices in any setting. They have easily conditioned themselves to transfer hassle-free between the casino games and other fun games. While it allows providers to reach consumers more simply, they must also admit that it requires more effort to gain their attention.

2. Engaging Millennials to Online Gambling

Whether through small screens or desktops, millennial reached surprisingly to the enhanced prevalence of mobile devices. It is making it easier for providers to connect with this inaugural market. To reach this demographic, many gaming providers have marketed free online casino gamed to younger adults ensuring that these satisfied customers will eventually go on to play for real money.

3. Mobile Elite Gaming Solution

Not every consumer uses desktop devices to access the Internet. Indeed, Google has once announced that mobile device usage has already exceeded desktop almost in every purpose. Many of the customers abandoning using their desktops in favor of mobile devices are active gamblers. This trend is having a considerable influence on the online gambling field.

However, some of the gaming providers create mobile-exclusive services for their Smartphone patrons.

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4. Innovation in Technology

The enhanced use of mobile technology has also enthused organizations to become more pioneering. It is always arguing that mobile technology will persist in forcing gaming providers to develop the quality of their contributions.

The transition to a Smartphone has been experienced by significant operators and aims to provide better to their consumers.

5. Casino Market

There are many governments that have banned gambling in their country. But, there are few countries, such as Portugal or Netherlands, who have accepted online gambling and have introduced new regulations. Two years ago, more than 80 countries legalized online casino games, out of which Europe is the biggest market.

6. Online Casino and Its Growth

Due to the following factors, the online casino gaming industry is increasing so rapidly-

  • Casinos required paying almost 30% of their revenues in the form of tax
  • Real-time casinos need a huge investment where Casinos have to pay their 5000 to 10000 employees working throughout the year.
  • Game providers coming out with online version have a wide range of casino gaming options
  • Great growth in Smartphone users is seen every year.

7. Licensed Casino Gaming

It is easy for the US players to visit a growing number of fully licensed Smartphone casinos and enjoy HD quality games with the feature of touchscreen advancements and responsive player controls. The mobile casino games with the latest versions have lots of spectacular animated sequences with 3D rendered graphics innovations and remarkable sound effects for players to experience. The mobile networks provide stable connections that allow you to enjoy the games hassle-free and in case you lose your connection in-between the game, the next time you introduce to that game at the point where you were lost or paused.

Experience Real Money Casino Games in the US

According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), Real money mobile casino gambling is legal in the US. Because it still prohibits various financial organizations from processing transactions from both desktop and mobile at online gaming sites. It means that US players often have fewer payment procedures available. Well, an increasing number of US states have begun with a more relaxed approach towards online gambling and you can now look for what the most top-rated US mobile casinos have operated within these states perform nowadays providing an adequate amount of reliable US online payment options.

The great thing to perform before logging up to a mobile casino is to check that the laws of your state, local, and federal allow you to gamble at that field of mobile casino. You should also check it with the help of the customer support of mobile casinos. The strength is mainly toll-free for US players. Also, you can contact the casino via various contact methods such as telephone, email and/or chatbot, which remains live 24/7.

In present times, the best US mobile casinos are simple to navigate. All thanks to the highly classy and user-friendly interfaces, available everywhere. As they are free to sign up, it is easy for you to follow the process. It is because when you open a new account at any US-friendly mobile casino you will get a guaranteed new player welcome bonus. This sign up bonus could be a no deposit bonus or a matching deposit bonus. Advanced US mobile casinos also generally run the best fraud prevention software that maintains your account details and funds in secure hands at all times.

You can visit a mobile casino directly from an Android device or directly from your iPhone or iPad and it is possible to use your device’s QR Reader to scan the QR code that you see at an online casino and this will also enable you to access the mobile casino. Don’t forget that if you already have an account with the desktop version of an online casino but you want to start playing from your mobile device, you can use the exact same login details without having to open a new account.

So, once you have created your account after signing up to a Smartphone Casino for the first time, click on the game that you curious to play or want to experience at first. Gamblers love to enjoy a variety of slots, cards, and table games, instant win games, video pokers, and more including the best of the titles that no one would like to miss when it comes to becoming the king of the gambling world. You can experience more exciting games such as Crystal Waters, T-Rex, Coyote Cash, Cleopatra’s Gold, Naughty or Nice, and Count Spectacular.

Winning online and making bucks was never easy until the arrival of online casinos. People are fond of playing it for long, or say that they are addicted to it. But, it has never been a failure as a Smartphone proves to be easy to get their pockets filled online and become more abundant in no time.

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