‘Heavy Rain’ Developer Teases Big Surprises To Come In 2020


Quantic Dream, the studio behind such games as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, has teased its plans for the new year. Founder David Cage recently took to Twitter to promise that 2020 will be a big year for the studio, with lots of surprises in store that fans should keep an eye out for.

It’s unclear just what these surprises might be, but I’d imagine at least one new game will be among them. Quantic Dream didn’t actually release any new games in 2019, though it did step away from PlayStation exclusivity. Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human – all formerly PlayStation exclusives – were ported to PC last year via the Epic Games Store.

The studio’s last game, Detroit: Become Human, released in 2018 to mixed reviews. Everyone seemed to agree that the game’s branching narrative was an ambitious technical feat, at least. Similarly, there was also plenty of praise for the game’s gorgeous visual style and performances. Some of the performances, anyway.

Unfortunately, the actual content of the game’s story fell flat for a lot of critics and players. Some argued that the characters, while well-animated, were incredibly bare-bones and lacking any real depth. The clunky dialogue and heavy-handed approach to some of the game’s themes were also blasted by critics, who claimed that such things are typical of a David Cage game.

Personally, I quite liked Detroit: Become Human. There’s no denying that the game had more than its fair share of very serious problems, particularly in the way it attempted to tackle issues like domestic abuse and racism. I found the game to be its absolute best when dealing with the relationship between the grizzled, bitter detective Hank Anderson and his android partner, Connor.

Detroid: Become Human is coming to PC through the Epic Games Store
Detroid: Become Human is coming to PC through the Epic Games Store

Watching Anderson deal with his inherent prejudice for androids as he and his newfound partner attempted to solve a spate of android-related killings in the city was easily the best part of the game by far, and should most definitely have been the focus of Detroit: Become Human.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The other two interconnected stories dragged the game down considerably as a result. Here’s hoping whatever Cage and Quantic Dream has in store for us in 2020 involves a dedicated adventure for the two detectives. Probably not, though.

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