Google releases Android 10 for Android TV, but you’ll have to wait for any updates


Google has released Android 10 for Android TV, hitting their target of updating the smart TV platform by the end of the year. Unfortunately, since the Nexus Player is long gone, Google doesn’t support any of their own hardware, so don’t expect to actually use Android 10 on your TV anytime soon.

The update is official, alongside API level 29, but we’ll still need to wait for partners to deploy it to their device. NVIDIA only recently updated their Shield TV devices to Android 9.0, and they’re usually the quickest, so it might be awhile. Android 10 isn’t a huge update, though, so don’t fret about missing any new amazing features.

Google’s own changelog for it mention a lot of under-the-hood security features, but nothing user-facing. It will look and function almost identically to Android 9.0 Pie, at least far as you can see from your TV screen.

However, Google has also refreshed their Android TV developer device, which is probably more exciting than the update itself. The streaming device is intended for developers to get their apps ready for the newest versions of Android TV and has some mid-range specs, including 2GB of RAM, quad-core A53 CPU, HDMI 2.1, and can support 4K @ 60fps.

via: 9to5Google

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