Google Fi brings Wi-Fi calling, more features to non-Pixel


The best Google Fi experience and full functionality is unsurprisingly on Pixel devices that the company has direct input over and access to during development. Today, the MVNO is bringing spam warnings, Wi-Fi calling, and other existing Fi features to non-Google Pixel phones.

As of last year, Google Fi is available for the “majority of Android devices and iPhones.” There is no network switching to take advantage of Sprint and US Cellular, so subscribers using non-Google phones are essentially just on T-Mobile.

Starting today, those Android devices and iPhones now have spam call warnings through their default phone application. Appearing on the incoming call screen, Fi will note “Suspected spam.” Both classes of devices also pick up the ability to block specific numbers.

Meanwhile, Google Fi’s VPN feature is now available for non-Pixel Android phones. All mobile and Wi-Fi traffic gets encrypted to make sure nobody is able to snoop on traffic. Google itself cannot find out what you’re browsing as the VPN is “designed so that your traffic isn’t tied to your Google account or phone number.”

Wi-Fi calling on Android lets you make and receive calls even when you don’t have cellular coverage. This is great for places without good signal, or to conserve data. To get these Google Fi non-Pixel features, update the companion app and visit “Phone Settings.”

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