Gifts for gamers: consoles, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PS4, VR, projectors…


Looking for gifts for gamers? We get it, the world of gaming is something of a minefield to the uninitiated – trust us, we’ve been there. But, it’s time to accept that charades, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit just won’t cut it at Christmas any more. And with pro-gaming set to breed the next generation of millionaires (seriously, look into it) if you get it right, this could just be the best gift you ever give…

While everyone knew about the phenomenon that was Fortnite, last Christmas, this ever-evolving industry has completely transformed within the space of a year. So, if you’re struggling to keep on top of the latest console – let alone game – releases, we’re here to bridge the gap. Browse our pick of the best gifts for gamers, below…

1. A unique, two-in-one, games console

christmas gifts for boys: nintendo switch games console by amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

A console unlike anything else on the market, the Nintendo Switch offers the versatility of connecting to the TV at home while also functioning as an on-the-go handheld device with a 6.2 inch screen. 

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