‘Gears 5’ Has Successful Launch

  • Biggest launch in Game Pass history.
  • Outperformed Gears Of War 4.
  • Gears 6 is a no-brainer. 


Gears 5 released earlier this month and we now have some indication on how the title has performed. With Xbox One Game Pass, Gears 5 set Microsoft records for this console generation by having 3 million players in its first week. Having their game on Steam, with Game Pass for PC, has also helped Microsoft get this success. For comparison sake, the previous biggest launch this generation was Sea Of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4, having tied at 2 million players. According to Microsoft, Gears 5’s numbers are double that of Gears Of War 4.

When it comes to retail, things do not look good. The game doesn’t seem to have charted in the top 5, which is rare for a prominent first-party AAA game. I don’t think Microsoft should be too concerned with this due to the rise in digital sales and the success of their subscription services, which is ultimately what they want. Also, there were more incentives to get the game through Game Pass. Players who went with the subscription service were able to play the game four days early, first-time subscribers could join for only one dollar, and this still garnered you all the incentives from buying the $90 ultimate edition, but at a much lower cost.

Incase you didn’t know, Gears 5 is the second entry under Microsoft developer The Coalition and takes the series that found its popularity on Xbox 360 in a new direction with a different cast of characters. Some fan favorites, like Marcus Fenix, make an appearance. Gears 5 puts you in the role of Kait Diaz and has you explore her heritage and connection to the Locus.

Gears 5 has received positive reviews from most outlets, averaging eights and nines. The game did have a rough launch, but that’s been mostly taken care of. Leading up to the game’s release, there were some curious decisions made that no one really would have noticed either way. Gears 5’s multiplayer features crossover playable characters with properties such Halo Reach, film franchise The Terminator, and even former WWE Champion and current Guardian Of The Galaxy star Dave Bautista.

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