‘Full-time #crypto trader’ gets 20 months in prison for selling stolen data for Bitcoin


A UK man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison and fined more than £400,000 ($486,000) for selling stolen personal data on the dark web for Bitcoin.

Authorities caught Elliot Gunton (19), who pleaded guilty, after they discovered a laptop containing software with cybercrime functionality during a routine visit related to a Sexual Prevention Order imposed in 2016.

Further inspections found Gunton had been selling compromised personal data on the dark web to be used for criminal purposes.

A press release describes scenarios “such as passing on mobile phone numbers which allows third parties to intercept calls and texts to commit fraud,” which sounds mighty similar to SIM-swapping.

Police eventually uncovered evidence that showed Gunton had advertised stolen data and hacking services in exchange for $3,000 in Bitcoin, BTC on which he relied to avoid being caught.