Five PlayStation exclusive titles that could make PS5 launch a success


PS5 is around the corner, and there are plenty of PlayStation exclusives that might back up the launch of the console to ensure its success. For the current console generation, this exclusive recipe at launch worked perfectly. Sony has successfully utilized its IPs to make their brand a staple in the industry. Notably, in the last two iterations of PlayStation consoles. Now, Sony is almost a year or even less from releasing PS5. A variety of genres will be critical to make PS5’s launch line-up work. Sony needs to give most gamers, if not everyone, a reason to get into PS5 from day one.

Could Sony work out the magic recipe again? If so, what exclusive titles might ensure PS5’s success from day one? We have some ideas of what would make the console sell like hotcakes.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games)

Aloy was one of the best characters in this generation. Her story is intriguing, and her personality is charming and brave. Aside from that, Horizon Zero Dawn is a brilliantly executed game. Graphics are incredibly well done, and its gameplay is entertaining. Also, it was one of the first games to show what the PS4 Pro was capable of doing. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn was crowded with its unique robotic wildlife, and it always felt vast and thoughtfully crafted.

To raise the bar even higher, The Frozen Wilds expansion raised the graphic level even further. Thus, squeezing every bit of what PS4 Pro has to offer. This title can easily become one of the first benchmarks to show what PS5 can do. Its open world and volumetric lighting effects would make it a perfect choice to demo Sony’s new console. It will be an ideal action RPG game to be included in the launch line-up.

2. Bloodborne (From Software)

This was one of the most highly regarded exclusives for PS4. Bloodborne is one of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s best games so far. Its mechanics were easy to grasp but hard to master. Every segment in the connected world of Bloodborne is carefully created, leading to one of the best level designs in a PlayStation exclusive. The game is in the line of every Soulsborne title when it comes to difficulty. In other words, it is relentlessly hard.

Five PlayStation exclusive titles that could make PS5 launch a success

A Bloodborne sequel could be one of the best choices to make the PS5 launch attractive. This particular style of game is a knack that you can’t easily find in other titles. Its uniqueness will be a great addition to differentiate PS5 from its competition from the very beginning. First of all, it already has a significant following. Additionally, a sequel for this title has been a constant demand from gamers. It is one of the most anticipated sequels when it comes to Sony exclusives. I am a fan of the Soulsborne gameplay style, and I am sure Bloodborne will convince me and many others to jump into PS5 on day one.

3. Resistance Remake (Bluepoint Games)

Although Resistance never made a massive impact on sales figures, it was a very original shooter. A reimagining of this title would be an excellent addition to PS5’s line-up. Shooters are fun and addictive if done well. In the same way, they can even become a competitive staple when done right in the multiplayer department. Think of a reimagining of this franchise in the vein of what Capcom did with Resident Evil 2. Not only a graphical upgrade but a complete revision of gameplay and design to make it a perfect fit for next-generation hardware.

Five PlayStation exclusive titles that could make PS5 launch a success

Bluepoint did a fantastic job with their take on Shadow of the Colossus. They proved that they are up to the task of bringing back beloved classics. Furthermore, their graphic engine can shine even brighter with next-generation hardware. For all these reasons, a Resistance and Bluepoint combo would be excellent for PS5’s launch line-up.

4. Ratchet and Clank (Insomniac Games)

We need a platformer on day one! What a better option than Ratchet and Clank. Insomniac Games did an astounding job with this franchise. Its sense of humor and action elements make it one of PlayStation’s most memorable games. The 2016 revisit of the franchise from Insomniac was a well-executed mix of the classic platform style of the saga with action mechanics.

This take of the game was a total success. PS4 had Knack when it released to fill the gap for a platformer. However, Ratchet and Clank would be a much better option to kick in the platformer genre when PS5 launches. It would be a suitable option for those looking to play a fun and visually attractive platformer from day one.

5. Gran Turismo (Polyphony Digital)

A racing game is just perfect for a launch line-up. Not only because it is a must-have when it comes to a variety of gaming genres, but also, because racing games are incredibly good at showing how far hardware can go in terms of graphics and physics. Gran Turismo is one of the big names in the racing simulation genre. This title means that every bit of the game is made to be as photorealistic as possible. Polyphony Digital has a track record of delivering stunningly beautiful racing games. Although, that high visual fidelity does not come at the cost of technical instability.

Five PlayStation exclusive titles that could make PS5 launch a success

Gran Turismo Sport demonstrated how much can be done with PS4 Pro hardware. The studio has shown it can take advantage of additional graphic power and deliver an excellent experience. A new entry in the Gran Turismo saga will make PlayStation and racing fans altogether happy. If the title manages to squeeze into PS5’s launch line-up, it will surely be a day one purchase for many.




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