FIFA 20 Early Access: How to play EA’s new game 10 days before release on PS4, Xbox & PC


FIFA 20 releases on Friday, September 27th 2019 but there are various opportunities for people wanting early access to EA Sports’ new game. 

For those subscribed to EA Access for PlayStation and Xbox users or Origin Access for PC users, you’ll be the first to play FIFA 20 – after the already released Demo and closed Beta of course.

Play FIFA 20 10 days early

Players will have the chance to play the trial for 10 hours, 10 days before the game comes out – meaning you can play from Thursday, 19 September.

FIFA 20 is available to pre-order right now

Download the EA Access app from the Xbox Microsoft Store, and for the first time, PlayStation Store, where you will need to pay just £3.99 a month or £19.99 a year. Origin Access is the equivalent for PC players.

You will also get a 10% discount on EA digital purchases including FIFA 20, FIFA points and other EA titles. You will also get complete access to all the games in the EA Access collection.

What do you get with EA Access?

With the game not fully released – the game is slightly reduced on EA Access.

Everything in kick-off and Career Mode should be as normal, with only some limitations expected in Ultimate Team – perhaps no Division Rivals yet.

As for the new feature Volta Football – any kick-off matches, online or World Mode should be fine, but expect the new journey mode Volta Story to only feature the first chapter.

Pre-order for full access three days early

The game’s full release may be September 27, but you can get the FULL GAME from September 24, 2019 just by pre-ordering the Champions or Ultimate Edition of the game.

FIFA 20 Standard Edition

FIFA 20 Standard Edition is available for pre-order now. Those who do will receive:

Photo via EA

The standard edition of FIFA 20 when pre-ordered costs £49.99 on both Xbox and Playstation, £44.99 on the Nintendo switch and £39.99 on PC. This edition of the game when pre-ordered gives you three extra bonuses as portrayed above.

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FIFA 20 Champions Edition

FIFA 20 Champions Edition is also available to pre-order. Those who do will receive:

Photo via EA

Pre-Ordering the Champions Edition will allow its players to get ahead of the competition in Career Mode, Volta Football, and the much hyped Ultimate Team.

The Champions Edition – fronted by Champions League winner Virgil van Dijk will cost £79.99; however, if the price is to hefty don’t forget to utilise EA access 10% off.

FIFA 20 faces some stiff competition from PES 2020 this year

If you pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition by Monday, August 5th 2019 then you will be able to receive: 

Photo via EA

The Ultimate Edition of the game gives its players the most bang for the buck at £89.99, or those who have EA Access £80.99.

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