Engineer Recreates Retro Snake Game Using His Christmas Tree Lights


One of the true joys of Christmas is decorating the tree. Well, one man spent 100 hours using his lights to recreate iconic mobile game ‘Snake’. And it is a thing of beauty.

Speaking to Metro, the 31-year-old engineer Jordy Moos said he came up with the idea last year, but got to work creating the system in February. He plays the game with a PlayStation 4 controller.

The Dutchman said: “Making this took, I think, over 100 hours. But that is mainly because most of the hardware work was new for me. So I had to do a lot of research and had a lot of time spend trying things.”

But while you might think building something like this would be pretty tough to figure out, Jordy said the biggest obstacle was his cat, who kept messing with his design.

He told the publication: “When setting up the LEDs in the Christmas tree I had some delays because the cats took out some of the LEDs.

Jordy Moos. Credit: Jordy Moos
Jordy Moos. Credit: Jordy Moos

“The LEDs need to stay in their fixed position and are not allowed to move for the system to work.

“And at a certain point, you will need a camera and the cat threw the camera off the table.”

After a bit of trial and error with a few different methods and programmes, Jordy finally cracked it and shared a video of him enjoying new creation on Twitter.

He wrote: “Playing Snake in my Christmas tree. The apples that you need to collect are actually lighted Christmas balls. How cool is that? #ChristmasTree #Led #DIY.”

Credit: ViralHog
Credit: ViralHog

Speaking to Trusted News, Jordy revealed that he has already created a two-player version of the game, and is planning to build a noughts and crosses game, which will be included in his next YouTube tutorial.

For those of you wanting to make your own festive snake, Jordy has created a tutorial to teach others, which is nice of him. Enjoy.

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