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For consumers, the energy utility landscape can be perceived as a sleepy business – basic suppliers of gas and electricity. However, at Energia Group, we know the vital importance of the energy industry in contributing towards a positive environmental change on the island of Ireland. According to CSO Ireland, the Energy industry contributes largely (21.7%) to CO2 emissions in Ireland, the third largest sector % after Agriculture and Transport sectors. To mitigate the challenges faced by the Energy Industry, in 2019 Energia Group launched our 3 Billion Euro Positive Energy investment. We’ve developed a project roadmap of many exciting new products, platforms and innovations that we’ll be bringing to customers over the course of the next five years – across Customer Solutions, Flexible Generation and Renewables.



One such platform is Energia’s new Smart Home Store website. Having launched to customers in October 2019, the website will be host to products and services from Energia’s trusted partners such as Netatmo, Google, TP Link and Amazon.


Energia Smart Home Store Bundles


Now in our fourth year of partnership, the Smart Home Store will strengthen Energia’s established relationship with Netatmo. To date, over 9.5K Energia customers have had a Netatmo Smart Thermostat installed in their home. The Energia Smart Home Store website provides customers with an even smoother route to purchase and setup for their Netatmo Smart Thermostat, with the customer journey from website through to Energia’s installation partners fully refined.

The website is split across 6 main categories; Smart Heating, Smart Lighting, Smart Security, Smart Voice, Smart Weather and Smart Bundles. Each category showcases some of the market’s most popular products such the Google Home and Google Home Mini, the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, TP Link’s affordable smart bulbs and plugs and much more.




Just a sample of products available on the Energia Smart Home Store!


The Benefits



    • Through the Energia Smart Home Store, Energia customers will be able to avail of customer exclusive offers and promotions which they can redeem easily online with their unique promo codes. We’re excited to be able to offer our customers unique propositions that are relevant and useful for making their home life more efficient and enjoyable.
    • By opting for a Smart Bundle, you can get the perfect product pairing, whilst also saving some Euro.
    • Also great for savings is Energia’s free delivery on all orders delivered with ROI.
    • Furthermore, when you choose Energia as your dedicated smart product provider, our installation partner will take care of the setup all the non-plug-and-play devices for you. This includes the Netatmo Smart Thermostat, Valves and Outdoor Security Camera. Following purchase online, we will follow up with you directly to arrange a time that suits you for your installation appointment. The installation process is quick and seamless and we find that our customers benefit from this personal one to one service. The installer can show you the basic operating procedures for your new device and help you get setup with any required smart phone apps.
    • Through research and focus groups we’ve learned from customers that there’s a resistance amongst some demographics towards smart home technology. They fear not being able to use or even understand how the technology works. With the Energia Smart Home Store we want to take the fear out of the consideration process and make it easier for our customers to adopt beneficial technology and products that will work with their lifestyle.
    • The added bonus of the technology behind many new smart home products and devices is the universal energy efficiency goal. By owning a smart heating or lighting product in particular, you can directly reduce your energy usage, thus lowering your bills and in turn cutting your overall carbon footprint. Now that’s where it gets even more exciting!

We’re looking forward to expanding our product range over the course of 2020 and we’re eager to show you more about what Energia can offer with useful and unique content to help make smart home technology a little less daunting!

Check out our new website now at: SmartHomeStore.Energia.ie

… And as a reward for reading to the end of this article, get €10 off your first order* on the Energia Smart Home Store using promo code: SMART2020

*Offer ends: 29th February 2020




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