Dropbox’s new transfer feature lets you easily send a file to someone


Today, Dropbox announced that it’s rolling out Dropbox Transfer, a new way to easily share files without also sharing access to your personal copies of them. When you compile your files into a transfer, you’ll get a link to a landing page that you can share, and the people who get it can directly download the file from that page or save it to their Dropbox account. It’s similar to simple file-sharing services like WeTransfer, but integrated nicely within Dropbox.

With Transfer, you can send up to 100MB of files with a free Dropbox account, which could be handy if you need to email files that are larger than Gmail’s 25MB limit for attachments. And your transfers won’t live forever, as you can choose to have them expire after three or seven days.

If you are a Dropbox Professional subscriber, you’ll get a few more features: you’ll be able to transfer up to 100GB, password protect your transfer, pick an expiration date, and customize the background on your transfer page.

Dropbox says you’ll be able to make a transfer page from dropbox.com/transfer, the desktop app, and the iOS app, but in my testing, I was only able to start one from the website. The tool was really easy to use, though. I just picked a file I wanted to add to the transfer, selected my expiration date (it defaults to seven days), and then I had a link I could share out.

Setting up a Dropbox transfer.

Here’s what a transfer landing page looks like:

A Dropbox transfer page.

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