Colonel Sanders: 10 Weirdest Games About Fast Food


With the recent release of the KFC and Wendy’s games, we wanted to take a look at other food related projects. We’re going to stretch the definition of “fast food” to include everything that is bad for people. That is to say we are going to extend this idea to junk food, which in a way is also fast food. A bag of chips is easier than peeling potatoes and mashing them up for example, right?

The point of this article was to dig up obscure games from throughout the ages. Why did fast food, or food branded products want to make a game? What was their main goal? Was it to advertise to kids, or to legitimately make a fun game? Wherever these ten games land, they are certainly unique.

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10 Yo Noid

Domino’s Pizza had a mascot, or more like an anti-mascot in the 80s. “Avoid the Noid” as the slogan went. The Noid was a weird rabbit, gremlin thing. It was bizarre, but that is beside the point. Capcom published a tie-in game on the NES, which was actually a re-skinned version of another game, Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru. Both are platformers, but one has a ninja wielding a hawk and the other stars the Noid with a yo-yo.

9 Sneak King

To celebrate the launch of the Xbox 360, Burger King made not one, not two, but three exclusive games for the system. Each could be bought easily at whatever restaurant one shopped at for a mere $5. There was PocketBike Racer, which is obviously a racing game. Big Bumpin’ is a bumper car game. Finally, the coup de grace, Sneak King wherein the creepy King mascot has to Solid Snake his way through various levels in order to deliver burgers. It is insanely creepy.

8 McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

If one thought three games from a fast food chain was a lot well then they never paid attention to the McDonald’s output. There was M.C. Kids and Donald Land on the NES, Global Gladiators on multiple systems, The Lost Ring was an AR game, and the McDonald’s Video Game was a browser-based collection of mini games. It may not be the weirdest, but McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure for the Sega Genesis was the best of them all. It was made by Treasure who also worked on Gunstar Heroes and Ikaruga. It may be too good if that makes sense.

7 Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge

Taco Bell released a DOOM clone of sorts for MS-DOS systems in 2000. Players had to use hot sauce in order to fight off snakes and scorpions as they explore ruins for classic Taco Bell related items. It might be just us, but getting a taco from some ancient ruin sounds like a one way ticket to diarrhea town. If one is mildly curious to test this horrible game out, it is archived online for streaming purposes.

6 Little Caesars Fractions Pizza

This one is a crime against humanity. Not only is this a game put out by Little Caesars, a lower grade pizzeria compared to Dominos, but also it is an educational game to boot. It was also made for PC. Basically it’s a math game akin to Reader Rabbit in the presentation department. Like their pizza, it does not promote a good time for kids. The less said about it the better.

5 Hooters Road Trip

Hooters isn’t technically fast food, but it is a pretty low-grade wing place so it is close enough. It was developed for the PS1 and PC and published by Ubisoft of all companies. The goal is to drive across the United States and stop by every Hooters establishment along the way. Players have to win their races before they can move on though. The “reward” is a short live action clip of a Hooters waitress congratulating the player and welcoming them to their state. This is beyond shovelware. It is an embarrassment to the art form.

4 World Gone Sour

Here is another Capcom food based game, this time surrounding the tart gummy snacks. It is a pretty basic platform in the vein of LittleBigPlanet. Characters run around real world environments and objects like trashcans and bedrooms.

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It also has a narrator who is voiced by Creed Bratton from The Office. No, really. In case one didn’t know, the actor and fictional character share the same name. It was released as a digital only game on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

3 Pepsiman

Pepsiman was a Japanese exclusive mascot for the cola brand. Naturally they wanted to cash in on the food game market and make their own. Pepsiman on PS1 was also never released outside of Japan and may be the first auto-runner ever made. This is strange considering everything in the game is in English, even the actors and dialogue. Like Sneak King, the goal for this hero is to collect Pepsi in order to quench the thirst of desperate people. They must be desperate if they want Pepsi.

2 UFO Kamen Yakisoban

UFO Kamen Yakisoban was also a Japanese exclusive game and advertising character. This hero was in charge of UFO branded instant ramen noodles. The commercials are fantastic and this Super Famicom beat ‘em up isn’t bad either.

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It kind of plays like the Power Rangers game on SNES. The best and or weirdest part of the game involves summoning the strength of noodles in order to Vanquish foes. So yeah, it is a strange game.

1 Doritos VR Battle

There are actually a lot of Doritos based games. On Xbox 360 there were two endless runners as part of the Doritos Crash Course series. It also got a mobile sequel. Point is Doritos knows how to advertise, but those games don’t hold a candle to this VR experience and boy do we mean experience. At best we could describe this is as a light gun, or action game, but that would be doing it a disservice. It is certainly bad, but something worth checking out for the novelty.

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