Co-Star releases Android version of the Cult-Fave Astrology app


Co-Star releases Android version of the Cult-Fave Astrology app

If you are interested in the whole astrology business or just want to gain exciting insights every day, you are almost certain to have the popular co-star astrology app. So far, however, you could only be fried by the astrological app if you chose an iOS device.

Fortunately, the Brutal Astrology / Advice app is now also available for non-iPhone users.

After much anticipation and a whopping 120,000 people on the waiting list, the company finally launched its Android app.

“There were over 120,000 of you on the waiting list, and yes, we read every one of your DMs and emails,” the company said. “The truth is, Co-Star is only eleven people and we wanted to do it right.”

The company went to Instagram to announce the new app to its 1.1 million followers.

If you don’t know what Co-Star is, I ask you to write to your friend for token-astrology texting, who constantly blames Mercury for his bad temper because he definitely understood. Basically, however, it is an astrology app that provides daily push notifications for advice or spiritual guidance.

Sometimes it is helpful or motivating advice, such as “Avoiding your ex’s social media is always a good idea.” It’s called balance, sweetness.

Ok, co-star just dragged me …

– ✨Claudia✨ (@Claudstahh) June 4, 2019

The company claims to use artificial intelligence and data from NASA (yes, NASA) to create its fun, sometimes brutal, push notifications. For this reason, we have not yet returned to the moon. We are too busy using NASA information to create this “attributable” content.

literally nobody:

– Karen @ Hanako !!! ´͈ ♡ `͈ (@scxttlangs) March 5, 2019

So relevant to my day. #CoStar

– Katie (@ciaokatie), March 19, 2019

However, the main selling point for Co-Star has always been how divisible it is. With an integrated social networking aspect, you can connect with friends to share your horoscopes. This way you know whether Karen is a bitch or whether Mercury is in decline.

And now your Android friends can handle a hard razz from their cell phones every morning.

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