Chyna Appears In WWE 2K20 After 19 Year Absence From Video Games


Joanie Laurer, better known as Chyna in the world of wrestling, will be featured in the upcoming WWE 2K20 game following a nineteen-year absence from the franchise. The reveal was made through the character’s entrance to the ring.

Fans of the WWE will recall that Chyna was one of the founding members of D-Generation X, and the former women’s champion. Her last appearance in the series of games was in 2000 with WWF SmackDown! Know Your Role, and she had been all but ignored in the world of wrestling until her untimely death in 2016.

The inclusion of Chyna in the game has been expected for some time now, but has been a complex matter. Laurer passed away in 2016 with the official cause of death ruled as an accidental overdose of alcohol combined with oxycodone and other anxiety medications. Laurer was posthumously admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame class in 2019 as part of D-Generation X. For years, Laurer was not considered for the honor because of her decision to release a pornographic film with her then fiancé Sean Waltman in 2004. It took her passing and three years to pass for the decision to be made to include her.

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Chyna’s legacy cannot be understated. Commentators have referred to her as being a tremendous influence in women’s wrestling, and one of the most popular characters during the Attitude Era of the WWE. Some praise Chyna as a feminist icon who defied gender norms. She was the first female wrestler to ever compete in the Royal Rumble, and the only woman to hold the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately, the decision to engage in pornography resulted in the organization all but ignoring her until after her death.


Like most sports games that are released today, WWE 2K20 will offer little in terms of change from its core gameplay mechanics and modes. NBA 2K20 is the most recent example of a franchise that does this, and the largest changes we can expect in WWE 2K relate to the roster, which appears to be larger than before thanks to the inclusion of Chyna, and other classic characters like Hulk Hogan.

One feature that is being highlighted is the change to the MyCareer path, which will now feature both male and female MyPlayers. There is also a slight rework being made to the overall controls of the game that will allow players to more easily learn the ins and outs of the wrestling game genre.

It is unfortunate that circumstances have been the character of Chyna away from the franchise for so long, but it is fantastic to see her back in action.


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